The Ultimate Guide to Girona FC: History, Players, and Achievements

The Ultimate Guide to Girona FC

Girona FC is a Spanish football club based in Girona, Catalonia. Founded in 1930, the club has a long and storied history in Spanish football. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the history of Girona FC, its key players, and some of its notable achievements.

History of Girona FC

Girona FC was founded on July 23, 1930, making it one of the oldest clubs in Catalonia. The team has traditionally worn red and white striped shirts, with blue shorts and socks. The club’s home ground is the Estadi Montilivi, which has a seating capacity of 13,500.

Throughout its history, Girona FC has had its share of ups and downs. The club has spent much of its existence competing in the lower divisions of Spanish football, with occasional spells in the Segunda División and Segunda B. However, in recent years, Girona FC has enjoyed a resurgence, reaching the top flight of Spanish football, La Liga, for the first time in the club’s history in the 2017-2018 season.


Key Players

Girona FC has had a number of talented players grace its ranks over the years. Some of the key players in the current squad include:

  • Luis Milla – Midfielder

  • Cristhian Stuani – Striker

  • Jonas Ramalho – Defender

  • Alex Granell – Midfielder

  • Portu – Forward

These players have been instrumental in Girona FC’s recent success and will be crucial to the team’s future success as well.

Rising Stars

In addition to its established stars, Girona FC also has a number of rising young talents in its squad. Some of the players to watch out for in the coming seasons include:

  • Pablo Moreno – Forward

  • Nico Serrano – Midfielder

  • Gerard Gumbau – Midfielder

These young players have shown great potential and could be key players for Girona FC in the future.


Despite its relatively modest history, Girona FC has had some notable achievements in Spanish football. Some of the club’s key achievements include:

  • Spanish Segunda División B Champions: 1989-90

  • Copa Catalunya Winners: 2019-20

  • Promotion to La Liga: 2016-17

These achievements are a testament to Girona FC’s growth and success in recent years.


Girona FC may not have the same level of success or recognition as some of the bigger clubs in Spanish football, but the team has a rich history and a bright future. With a talented squad of players, a dedicated fan base, and a growing presence in La Liga, Girona FC is a club on the rise. Keep an eye on this Catalan team as they continue to make their mark on Spanish football.

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