The Top 10 Most Memorable Miley Cyrus Moments

The Top 10 Most Memorable Miley Cyrus Moments

1. The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Performance

One of the most iconic Miley Cyrus moments was her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. She shocked the world with her provocative dance moves and twerking on stage with Robin Thicke. This performance marked a turning point in her career and solidified her reputation as a boundary-pushing artist.

2. The “Wrecking Ball” Music Video

In 2013, Miley Cyrus released the music video for her hit song “Wrecking Ball.” The video featured Miley swinging on a wrecking ball naked and licking a sledgehammer. It was a controversial and memorable moment in her career that showcased her bold and fearless attitude.

3. The “Hannah Montana” Era

Before Miley Cyrus became a pop sensation, she was known for her role as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel show of the same name. The “Hannah Montana” era was a defining period in her career and helped launch her into superstardom.

4. The 2017 Met Gala Outfit

At the 2017 Met Gala, Miley Cyrus made a memorable entrance wearing a daring and provocative outfit. She wore a sheer and revealing dress that left little to the imagination. The outfit caused quite a stir and cemented her reputation as a fashion risk-taker.

5. The “We Can’t Stop” Music Video

Another memorable Miley Cyrus moment was the release of the music video for her song “We Can’t Stop.” The video featured Miley in various provocative and outlandish outfits, solidifying her reputation as a rebellious and fearless artist.

6. The “Malibu” Performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

In 2017, Miley Cyrus performed her hit song “Malibu” at the Billboard Music Awards. The performance was a departure from her usual edgy style, featuring a more stripped-down and emotional performance that showcased her vocal talent.

7. The “Party in the U.S.A.” Performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

One of Miley Cyrus’ most iconic performances was her rendition of “Party in the U.S.A.” at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. The performance showcased her infectious energy and stage presence, solidifying her status as a pop phenomenon.

8. The “Mother’s Daughter” Music Video

In 2019, Miley Cyrus released the music video for her song “Mother’s Daughter.” The video featured a diverse cast of women and celebrated self-expression and empowerment. The video was praised for its bold and inclusive message.

9. The “23” Music Video

Miley Cyrus made a memorable appearance in the music video for the song “23” by Mike WiLL Made-It. In the video, Miley showcased her rap skills and her fearless attitude, further solidifying her reputation as a versatile and multi-talented artist.

10. The “Ashley O” Episode of “Black Mirror”

In 2019, Miley Cyrus starred in an episode of the popular anthology series “Black Mirror” titled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.” Miley played a pop star named Ashley O and showcased her acting talent in a dark and twisted story that explored themes of fame and identity.

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