Inside the Life of KTLA Anchor Mark Kriski

Inside the Life of KTLA Anchor Mark Kriski

KTLA anchor Mark Kriski is a familiar face to many Los Angeles residents. With his charismatic personality and excellent reporting skills, Kriski has become a staple in the local news industry. But what is life really like for this beloved anchor off-camera? Let’s take a closer look at the man behind the news desk.

Early Life and Career

Mark Kriski grew up in Toronto, Canada and developed a passion for broadcasting at a young age. He began his career in radio before eventually transitioning to television. In 1984, Kriski made the move to Los Angeles to work for KTTV before ultimately finding his home at KTLA.

Family Life

Despite his busy schedule, Kriski puts family first. He is a devoted husband and father of two children. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and participating in outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

Community Involvement

Mark Kriski is not just a familiar face on television – he is also actively involved in his community. He volunteers with various organizations and charities, using his platform to raise awareness and support for important causes. Kriski’s dedication to giving back has made him a beloved figure in the Los Angeles area.

Behind the Scenes at KTLA

While viewers see Mark Kriski on their screens every day, there is much more to his job than meets the eye. Behind the scenes at KTLA, Kriski works tirelessly to deliver accurate and engaging news coverage. From early morning meetings to on-air interviews, his days are packed with exciting challenges and opportunities.

Morning Routine

Mark Kriski’s day typically starts early, with a 4 a.m. wake-up call. He arrives at the studio well before the morning show goes live, reviewing scripts and preparing for the day ahead. Despite the early hours, Kriski’s energy and enthusiasm never waver, setting the tone for a successful broadcast.

On-Air Presence

On camera, Kriski’s charm and professionalism shine through. His ease in front of the camera and ability to connect with viewers make him a trusted source for news in the Los Angeles area. Whether reporting on breaking news or interviewing special guests, Kriski’s passion for storytelling is evident in every segment.

Future Plans

As Mark Kriski continues to excel in his career, he has set his sights on expanding his role at KTLA. With a deep commitment to journalistic integrity and a desire to connect with viewers on a personal level, Kriski’s future in the news industry looks bright. Fans can expect to see much more of this talented anchor in the years to come.


Mark Kriski’s life is a balance of hard work, family time, and community involvement. As a trusted figure in the Los Angeles news industry, he brings a unique perspective to each story he covers. Whether he’s reporting on the latest headlines or volunteering with local charities, Kriski’s dedication to his craft and his community is truly inspiring.

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