Get Ready for Eurovision Semi Final 2: Predictions and Reactions

Get Ready for Eurovision Semi Final 2: Predictions and Reactions

As the Eurovision Song Contest continues to dazzle audiences around the world, we are gearing up for the highly anticipated Semi Final 2. The stakes are high, the competition fierce, and the performances are sure to keep us on the edge of our seats. Let’s take a look at some predictions and reactions for this exciting event.


1. Malta

Malta has a strong track record in the Eurovision Song Contest, and this year seems no different. With their catchy pop tune and powerful vocals, Malta is a frontrunner in this year’s competition. They are expected to sail through to the finals.

2. Sweden

Sweden is another Eurovision powerhouse, known for their slick performances and catchy songs. This year, they have come prepared with a catchy dance track that is sure to get the audience grooving. Expect Sweden to make it to the finals without breaking a sweat.

3. Ukraine

Ukraine always brings something unique to the Eurovision stage, and this year is no exception. With their haunting ballad and powerful staging, Ukraine is a strong contender to make it to the finals. Keep an eye on this one.


1. Cyprus

Cyprus wowed the audience with their energetic performance and catchy song. The singer’s powerful vocals and impressive dance moves had the audience on their feet. Many are predicting Cyprus to make it to the finals with ease.

2. Norway

Norway’s performance was a showstopper, with the singer’s powerful vocals and stunning visuals capturing the audience’s attention. The emotional ballad resonated with many viewers, and Norway is expected to make a strong showing in the competition.

3. Russia

Russia’s performance was a spectacle to behold, with their larger-than-life staging and bold visuals. The singer’s powerful voice and confident stage presence had the audience captivated. Russia is definitely a country to watch in this year’s competition.


Semi Final 2 of the Eurovision Song Contest promises to be a night to remember, with strong performances and fierce competition. With countries like Malta, Sweden, Ukraine, Cyprus, Norway, and Russia vying for a spot in the finals, the stakes are high and the excitement is palpable. Stay tuned for a thrilling night of music, dance, and entertainment as we discover which countries will make it through to the next round.

Get ready for Semi Final 2 of the Eurovision Song Contest – it’s sure to be a night full of surprises, emotions, and unforgettable performances!

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