Avoid the Traffic: Best Tips for Dodgers Stadium Parking

Avoid the Traffic: Best Tips for Dodger Stadium Parking

One of the biggest headaches for fans attending a Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium is finding parking. The traffic in the area can be overwhelming, and the parking lots can fill up quickly. To help you navigate the parking situation at Dodger Stadium, here are some tips to make your experience as smooth as possible.

1. Arrive Early

The key to finding good parking at Dodger Stadium is to arrive early. The parking lots open three hours before the start of the game, so try to get there as soon as possible to secure a spot close to the stadium. If you arrive late, you may have to park further away and walk a long distance to the stadium.

2. Consider Carpooling

Another way to avoid the traffic and parking hassle at Dodger Stadium is to carpool with friends or family members. By carpooling, you can split the cost of parking and also reduce the number of cars on the road, which can help alleviate traffic congestion around the stadium.

3. Use the Express Entry Gates

If you want to avoid long lines and save time getting into the parking lot, consider using the express entry gates at Dodger Stadium. These gates are designated for fans who have prepaid parking passes, which can be purchased online in advance. By using the express entry gates, you can quickly enter the parking lot and get to your seat in no time.

4. Park in Preferred Lots

If you want to park closer to the stadium and avoid having to walk a long distance, consider parking in one of the preferred lots at Dodger Stadium. These lots are located closer to the stadium entrance and are usually less crowded than the general parking lots. While preferred parking may cost a bit more, the convenience and proximity to the stadium are well worth it.

5. Consider Alternative Parking Options

If you’re willing to walk a bit further or take a shuttle to the stadium, consider using alternative parking options near Dodger Stadium. There are several parking lots and garages in the surrounding area that offer cheaper parking rates and shuttle services to the stadium. By using these alternative parking options, you can save time and money on parking while still enjoying the game.

6. Plan Your Exit Strategy

To avoid getting stuck in traffic after the game, it’s important to plan your exit strategy in advance. Consider leaving the game a bit early to beat the rush or wait for the crowd to disperse before heading to your car. You can also use traffic apps or check the Dodger Stadium website for real-time traffic updates to help you navigate the best route home.


By following these tips, you can avoid the traffic and parking hassle at Dodger Stadium and enjoy the game stress-free. Remember to arrive early, carpool with friends, use the express entry gates, park in preferred lots, consider alternative parking options, and plan your exit strategy in advance. With a little planning and preparation, you can make your trip to Dodger Stadium a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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