Aaron Judge: A Force to be Reckoned with in the MLB

Aaron Judge: A Force to be Reckoned with in the MLB


Aaron Judge is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of pitchers around the MLB. Standing at 6’7″ and weighing in at 282 pounds, Judge is a physical specimen who possesses immense power at the plate. Since making his debut with the New York Yankees in 2016, Judge has taken the league by storm with his exceptional hitting and defensive skills.

Rise to Stardom

After being drafted by the Yankees in the first round of the 2013 MLB Draft, Judge quickly rose through the ranks of the minor leagues. In 2017, he burst onto the scene in a big way, winning the American League Rookie of the Year award and finishing second in the AL MVP voting. Judge’s impressive rookie campaign was highlighted by his league-leading 52 home runs and a .284 batting average.

Power Hitting

One of Judge’s biggest strengths is his power hitting ability. His towering home runs have become a common sight at Yankee Stadium, where he regularly sends balls flying into the bleachers. Judge’s raw power is unmatched in the league, and he has the ability to change the outcome of a game with one swing of the bat.

Defensive Prowess

While Judge is known for his bat, he is also an excellent fielder. Playing primarily as a right fielder, Judge has a cannon for an arm and covers a lot of ground in the outfield. He has made numerous highlight-reel plays, robbing opposing hitters of extra-base hits with his acrobatic catches.

Leadership and Work Ethic

Off the field, Judge is known for his leadership qualities and work ethic. He leads by example and is always the first one in the batting cage and the last one to leave. Judge’s commitment to his craft has earned him the respect of his teammates and coaches, and he is widely regarded as a role model for young players.

Impact on the Yankees

Judge’s impact on the Yankees goes beyond his on-field performance. He has become the face of the franchise and a fan favorite in New York. Judge’s marketability has helped the Yankees maintain their status as one of the most popular teams in the league, and his jersey sales consistently rank among the highest in MLB.

Challenges and Injuries

Despite his success, Judge has faced his fair share of challenges and injuries throughout his career. He has missed significant time due to various ailments, including a fractured rib and a broken wrist. However, Judge has shown resilience and determination in overcoming these setbacks and has always come back stronger than before.

Future Outlook

As he enters the prime of his career, the future looks bright for Aaron Judge. With his combination of power hitting, defensive prowess, and leadership qualities, Judge has the potential to be one of the greatest players in Yankees history. If he can stay healthy and continue to improve his game, there’s no telling what Judge will accomplish in the years to come.


In conclusion, Aaron Judge is a force to be reckoned with in the MLB. His immense physical talents, work ethic, and leadership qualities have made him a standout player in the league. Judge’s impact on the Yankees and his ability to perform in high-pressure situations make him a valuable asset to his team. As he continues to grow and improve, there’s no doubt that Aaron Judge will leave a lasting legacy in the world of baseball.

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